Wednesday, June 4, 2008

7 Quirks ...

Shahna, this is for you. Thanks for the tag ... : )

1. My OCD consists of numbers. I count for no reason. Half the time I don't even realize I'm doing it until I'm around 67 or so. Then I try to remember what it was that set me off. I'm most often counting in the car as I drive. I count when I walk, when I do just about anything. I even count in my head when I'm talking to someone. Sorry if any of you have suddenly found me losing the thread of the conversation because I lost track of what number I was on.

2. I like the feel of tape as it pulls on my skin. For different gift occasions, my husband has been known to buy me a box of scotch tape. And I'm particular about the type I like. It has to be the Scotch Tape brand. It's the stickiest.

3. I have horrible stage fright! I can't control my heart, my knees shake and worst of all, my face starts to convulse. It only happens when I play the flute or sing, which is ridiculous because I've had training in these two instruments and have been performing nearly all my life in front of audiences. On the other hand, it doesn't faze me at all to play the piano. This is even crazier since I've never been trained on the piano. Maybe it's because I'm okay not knowing what I'm doing and figure the audience should be happy with whatever comes out as they're lucky to be getting anything from me in the first place. Whereas, I know what I'm doing on the flute and singing and I cringe and berate myself with every mistake. Who knows.

4. I don't like to hear noise. I don't like the radio on in the car (unless it a CD of my choosing), I don't like the TV on at all. I don't like any man-made sound ... except the tick of a clock. I know it's strange for that to be the only extra sound I like but there you go, one of my quirks.

5. I don't like to talk in the morning, or to be talked to. I used to be a morning person, and I still get up and start my day early, but now, instead of singing or chatting, I prefer silence. I need a good 30 minutes before I'm up to any kind of conversation.

6. I hate breakfast food. I'm not even partial to eating at that time, however I understand the importance of that particular meal. I force myself to eat in the morning, but you won't find typical breakfast food on my plate.

7. I can't expose myself to just anything media wise. I am too easily involved. I can be watching something I would normally never even think twice about, such as rowing, and just like that I'm screaming at the TV for one of the teams to push harder and win. I can't watch or read anything to do with kids because, although most of you know I don't even like kids so this is really weird, I empathize too much and am depressed for days afterward. There was this once when Scott and I were watching a movie with our best friend, Brandon, and suddenly Scott grabbed me and I stood up at the same time and rushed from the room because this little boy was drowning. It took a really long time for me to get over that and Scott and Brandon kept apologizing for letting me see. (Ray - the name of the movie) I can't listen to just anything, because I feel it too much. It enters my soul and changes me. Sometimes, I'm fine with the music because it's soothing but there is so much out there that changes me for the worse. I have to be VERY picky about the exposure I allow myself.

And for a bonus - because you all know that I am definitely weird and have soooo many quirks ...

8. I hate movie theaters. I don't like to think of the people in them. I don't like the volume of the sound in them. I despise the PRICE of them. I would rather watch in the comfort of my own home where I can pause to go to the bathroom, and pay pennies for a treat from the grocery store instead of the exorbitant amount at the theater.

9. I don't like crowds. I'm fine with small groups or one on one, but mass chaos just makes me angry. I don't go to the mall ever, or shopping around Christmas time. (I do my Christmas shopping months in advance.) My preferred time to shop at Walmart is at 2am because there are fewer people there.

And finally ...

10. I talk big, but I am the most un-confrontational person I know. It takes ALOT to rile me up enough for me to speak out. Usually, I do because it is affecting one of my family. DON'T MESS WITH MY FAMILY!!! I'll vent and rage in private, but when it comes right down to it, I'd rather hide in a corner because I want everyone to be happy, even if it's at my expense. Lookie there, you got two for the price of one. I am a pleaser. It's both good and bad. Please don't abuse this, eventually I'll get riled enough that you'll be sorry. (BTY - when I do speak up, watch out! I'm very good at confrontation when it finally occurs.)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Groundings, camping, sleeping ...

Colbey is enduring his grounding very well. Too well!!! I'm a sucker and I think he knows it. So he's gone to a birthday party, it was scheduled early so that Colbey could be there because it would normally have been while we were in Colorado this summer, so I couldn't not let him go. He's also gone camping with a bunch of church boys, of course I didn't find out about it until a couple hours before the meeting time.

So now you're wondering what exactly he's punished with, well, I'll tell you ... NO ELECTRONICS is the big one. And no friends. You can see how well that is working out. Why, oh why am I such a pushover?!?!?!

Now don't you go telling him how easy it is for him to get what he wants! I'll deny it BIG TIME!!! He probably wouldn't believe you anyway.

He's allowed on family outings even if they involve friends so he's not missing much. I think he's bored, but all kids tend to get bored during the summer. Once we get to Colorado, he'll be in heaven. Look out Grandma and Grandpa!!! We're coming in force. : )

Paper Sack Brown

That's right, the color of the entryway, hall, piano nook and kitchen is "paper sack". It is the exact color of a paper sack and I LOVE IT!!! So I finally completed the painting in the kitchen and with a little windfall, thank you Jennifer, it is nearly finished being decorated. I love my kitchen and maybe this will be incentive to keep it spic and span. I'll post pictures once I get the curtains made and up. I already have the fabric, it's just a matter of sewing them up.

Duck, Duck, ... CHICKEN!

So the last time we went to the doctor's for Ryleigh's well visit, they needed to give her a few immunizations and included was the chicken pox vaccine. It was by itself and would be just one more stick for Ryleigh to endure, so I decline the vaccine. I informed them that I had had the chicken pox twice and even with the vaccine, Colbey had had the chicken pox, so ... thanks, but no thanks. She is past the too young age of concern and not nearly at the too old age of concern. If she was going to get them, then let them come.

Guess what, they came!!! : )

That's right, Thursday she had a temperature and the normal sleepiness with the fever. I assumed it was the same thing that was bothering Landon. The flu from sun poisoning. Of course, Ryleigh didn't have sun poisoning because we don't go outside that much but I figured she could have picked up the fever/flu from Landon's sun poisoning. Well, Friday afternoon, I learned differently.

All the sudden, her little body was covered in chicken pox. Scott didn't believe me until he came home from work and saw them for himself. She's doing better than I would have expected in the no scratching arena, and we lucked out that there are only four pox on her face in case of scarring (three on the tip of her nose and one on her cheek). She's very proud of her chicken pox and Landon seems to be a little jealous that he's the only one not to have had them. I don't think he understands that we are the jealous ones of him. : )

So I'm the one staying home from church with her today. Scott's been on call and out of town so I felt he should go to church with the boys this week as I haven't missed in I don't know how long and I just went to the temple yesterday, so ... this is why the update is during regular church hours.