Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We're back!

Alot has happened over the past month. We went to Colorado for a family vacation. So much happened while we were there, but the highlights included seeing a black bear, tons of dear, rabbits, and oddly enough ... alpacas. We went to an amusement park called The North Pole and spent time on the Polaris and boat. We were able to see Taylor, Liz, Ashton, David, Sheilla, Skye, Bonnie, Kaye, Annedria and Scott during a 4th of July party. What a treat!

Since we've been back, Scott has spent a week in New Jersey for two Disaster Recovery exercises and is leaving in the morning for another in Philadelphia. I've spent the time re-decorating Landon's room, which looks fantastic, and cleaning out the garage. That was a HOT job!!!

Scott will get home just in time to leave once again for David's wedding. (His brother.)

I'm hoping to see Scott for approximately one week this month. I don't think either of us realized how much he would end up traveling with this position. Hopefully this is the worst of it, although I know there are two more trips coming up shortly.

The kids are doing well. Ryleigh just finished her session in gymnastics. We've decided to take some time off. It's getting a little crowded since they did away with her original class and combined it with another. Landon is thrilled with his bedroom and has been spending alot of time with Ryleigh, and Colbey. Colbey is the same as always. Playing games, skateboarding and spending as much time as he can with Brock, his best friend. (Brock's been unofficially adopted into the family and spends as much time with the rest of us as with Colbey.)

We were given a little surprise yesterday. Our neighbor who has been living in Florida for the past several years, came back and offered to give us her living room set. So now we have a new couch and love seat. They are beautiful and I'm thrilled to have them. I'm still working on the rearrangement of the other furniture. I still need to figure out where to put two chairs. Don't worry, I'll figure it out eventually. I feel very blessed to love all our furniture especially since very little of it was purchased together. Somehow, we've been able to find, buy and inherit pieces that all work well together and please the eye. (Well, my eye anyway.)

So this was on the bland side for a post, I know. I'm just overwhelmed with the work I've been doing and will continue to do so my mind is not up to cute quips and catchy phrases. After a little recovery time, (you know, once school starts and Scott's here for more than two days at a time) I'll get back to trying to entertain.

BTW - Breaking Dawn was wonderful. I got my happily ever after and feel good about the series ending. Looking forward to Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edwards perspective) and even the next two books in the Host series. Who would have ever guessed that I'd get into Sci-Fi?!?!?