Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Whole Gang

So this past week has been on the boring side for us. Nothing spectacular besides the two nights of snow with 70+ degree weather in between and after. Because we have little cause to write novels, we are condensing this week into one single update.

Scott worked all weekend long on a disaster recovery and managed about 3 hours sleep during the weekend. I'm just thankful he didn't have to fly to PA to do the same work like so many others did. I love technology and the freedom it provides us for Scott to work from home each week (every Tuesday and whenever necessary else wise).

I have been busy preparing for the big paint-a-thon. Yes, I am painting the entire house again. I've chosen the color "paper sack" in a semi-gloss for the public parts of the house. Each of the bedrooms will follow. For those of you counting, that will be the sixth color in the living room, third color in the hall, third coloring the in the dining room, and second color in the kitchen. I've decided that I want a more cohesive look and using only one color I'm hoping will help me achieve that look. I've also been getting ready for a major e-bay listing fest. Besides clearing out the house, I've decided to list my "business" items also. The website was going nowhere since I never felt very confident in using it, so I've closed it up and will use e-bay exclusively until I change my mind again!

Colbey is the same as always. Landon hasn't changed, and Ryleigh's only change is the lessening of pinky grotesqueness.

I am adding a few pictures. Saturday night, while Scott was working on the disaster recovery and I was noodling in my room, the kids fell asleep in the living room watching a movie. They each had their own spot with pillow and blanket. It was so sweet to walk in and see each of them that way!!! Oh the gloriousness and sweetness of sleeping children! Oh the blessed silence (with a little snore here and there).