Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Million Dollar Idea From A While Ago

Scott and I like to play a game of coming up with a million dollar idea. Scott's pretty successful at figuring out one more frequently than I am, but I regress. Last year some time, we were talking about our million dollar ideas with our neighbors and one of them was a registry for any and all occasions. I was specifically thinking about birthday's and Christmas, but of course it could be used for any occasion. They thought it was a great idea and couldn't understand why it wasn't already out there in use.

So, after much mulling, (my brain works slower now that OLD age is setting in) I decided I would make my own registry. Hence, if you look in the family links column, you'll see a new link, The Thompson Wish List. Ta da!!!

As this is a new venture, only Ryleigh's birthday is listed so far, but I hope to shortly have list's for everyone with the holiday season fast approaching. So if you are just randomly looking at people's blogs and come across ours, feel free to send us something from off the list. : )

Keep in mind, this is a dream wish list and I already know that some of the listed items would require the death of some unknown extraordinarily wealthy relative. So for any of you out there doing genealogy whose rich beyond measure and find a link in family ties to us, kindly add us to your will. : ) I can wait for a natural death, no pressure!!!