Thursday, April 16, 2009

I asked and it came ...

Thank you to all my family and friends who guided me through the technical waters of "blogdom"! And thank you to those who offered consolation when they couldn't help me with the "higher echelons of geekdom".
I love you all!!!

Needing Some Help ...

How do I get my "Friends" blog updated titles on the right hand side of the page? It would be SO much more convenient than just clicking on EVERYONE to see who has updated their blog!!!

I'm looking for some TIME SAVERS!!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Been A While

Yes, I know ... I've been slacking in the update arena, but that doesn't necessarily mean I've just been slacking! O.K., so it does mean I have been wanting to slack off but the world hasn't seen fit to grant me the time to do so. Oh, so cruel!

I did kidnap my sister's blog because she has been sooooo terribly boring and even more slacking than me, and strangely, I find it more fun to update hers than my own. I must lead a boring life. That's not really true, I've just been leading a crazy busy life and not really wanted to talk about the "fun things" I've been blessed to deal with recently.

In short, the boys will be staying home next year and we will home school, again. Colbey spent a good portion of 5th grade at home so this is old hat for him. Of course, having an 8th grader AND a 1st grader together is sending shivers of pure panic down my spine, but I figure if I prepare for the absolute worst, things will go well. Cross your fingers!!

Easter was wonderful! It was nice and quiet this year and we had the most beautiful eggs ever! I finally read the directions on the dye package and realized that to get the vibrant egg colors, I should be dipping them into vinegar instead of water. We dipped 24 eggs in 12 different colors and they turned out gorgeous!!! Landon found 15 of the eggs on Sunday morning, Ryleigh found 6 and Colbey dragged himself out of bed long enough to find 3. (I think he thinks he's too old for such childish revelry.) Dinner was fantastic and I even was able to get out of a good portion of the clean-up. Thank you Scott!
In more current news, I've pinched a nerve in my back while I was at the gym yesterday. Dang those twist crunches!!! Give me nice heavy weights any day, but leave the twisting to someone else! : )
Otherwise, all is the same here on the home front. Scott is still gainfully employed which is a wonderful thing (even if he hates his job) in the current economy. Of course, they can't afford to fire him as he is only one of three in the US, and does more than the other two, maybe even combined. Several companies have asked that he be "Theirs" and that makes Scott feel good. Thank you to Burger King, Glaxo-Smith-Kline (or however you spell that) and several other smaller companies for loving my guy almost as much as I love him. If you'd like to love him more, stop being idiots and hire technically advanced employee's that will cause Scott less headaches! Just a suggestion. : )

I am busy with Ryleigh during the day and the house, the boys (oh, those boys) in the afternoons, and all the activities that accompany the three, and just rarely, I get some moments in for myself. : )

Colbey has finally brought his saxophone home and I'm excited to start playing duets with him. Landon has completed his Kindergarten Musical, which believe me, I was just as happy for it to be over as he was! Amazing what parents will clap for!!!

Landon and Ryleigh have built a castle in the backyard and can be found playing in it nearly everyday! Ryleigh is now in the process of building herself a throne. She feels it's only right since she is the "Princess". It really is pretty cool. They built it out of bricks, wood and these giant blocks. Every now and then, they use the hammock as a roof or flag. I love how creative they get! (The below picture is what they are going for.)

Scott fixed my bird feeder that the wind tried to spirit away and this morning was it's maiden voyage into the backyard in over a week. YEAH! Ryleigh and I both love to see the birds and recently have been excited to see rabbits in the backyard also. Some may say they are pests, but we don't have a garden, so for us, they are just cute, cuddly bunnies that are spending some morning moments with us. We love them!

I'm off to clean the bomb site Ryleigh calls a room and then more rest for this decrepit back. Oh, how I hate aging!!! : )
PS - We love the book "Monster Mischief" from the library and my weekly bread making is at total wheat flour now. I know, totally geeky to be excited about a children's book (although it really is great) and bread, but I am. What can I say, deep down, I'm a geek! : )
We are also loving the show "Castle". But then, we've always loved anything he's been in. Of course, if I were kind and thoughtful, I'd tell you his name, but I don't know it off the top of my head. We still love him, though!!! Thank you Fox for having the episodes online!