Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Back!

So the sweet siren call of the bedroom went unanswered yesterday. What I found myself doing instead, (now you will see just HOW DESPERATE I am to stay far, far away from the whole room cleaning ordeal) was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, cupboards and drawers. (Call me a desperate housewife!)

This entailed pulling EVERYTHING out and scrubbing the interiors. Then going through everything and eliminating the items I haven't used in I don't know how many years (one set of ice-cream glasses we got as a wedding gift and have only used once in our entire marriage). Then separating the items I will use on a daily basis (ok, weekly basis) and removing the occasionally items to a local (probably the garage) to be determined at a later date. Then, rearranging the location of all the items into a more cohesive and color-coordinated order. Frankly, I'm quite pleased with the results! Of course, Scott is completely lost in the kitchen now and I still need to get a receptacle to hold the knives so no one stabs themselves as they reach for one.

So you'd think the bedroom's beckoning call would grab me now, but - HAH! - now I've decided to move on to the pantry. Let's just see how long I can prolong the agony!!!! : )

Monday, January 12, 2009

For All My Ravenous Blog Fans

It's been a while. I know.... And I wish I could say I'm finally getting back into the groove of blogging and that's the reason for this entry, but sadly, the real reason is because I desperately don't want to clean my bedroom! : ) (I'm being absolutely honest about this!!!)

So to kill some time .... Scott got his ward calling. He is the second counselor in the Elder's Quorum. I love it! In his blessing/setting apart by the Stake Presidency, it was said that this is his time to shine. You have no idea how happy that makes me!

In other news... HOA hell has reared it's nasty little head once more. To my horror, the management company never paid a bill I sent them back in mid October. I received an email this past week asking very politely that the bill be paid by the company. I was shaking mad when I forwarded the email and a very blunt message to the management company. I received on Saturday a letter from the management company blaming me for them not paying the bill. (Crazy, I know, but true.) I, again, emailed a response to the letter and have yet to hear more on this issue. (Just as a side note, this management company is in the habit of not paying bills and has even racked up penalty fines for postponing payment.)

Colbey informed me this morning that he is quitting Athletics. Apparently, the athletic department has decided to change their rules on hair and it can no longer touch the ears at all. Of course, Colbey will have none of this and has chosen his silky locks over weight lifting and showering with other males. (Can't say that I blame him!) He's a skater and the hair is an important part of his image (thankfully he isn't into the tight-as-can-be-pants-that-look-like-a-second-skin type of skater) and this isn't a battle I'm willing to fight with him! So please don't make any comments about how I should change his outlook on life/priorities/ or grooming habits, because I just plain don't want to hear it! There are other more important battles coming that I'll fight and let him feel good about this minor win.

Landon ... well, he's just Landon. You know, it must really suck being the middle child! He's the one who gets in trouble the most and I honestly think the majority of the time, it's completely based on his position in the child hierarchy! Poor shmuck! Schools going well for him and he's reading soooo well! Colbey is continually annoyed with him (as could be expected) and Ryleigh is continually playing/annoying Landon (as could be expected), so the circle remains unbroken.

Ryleigh has discovered her cartoon voice since the operation. Fortunately, her normal voice has returned (for the most part) but now she plays with the high Betty Boop voice during the day. (SIGH!!!) She has recently started saying things like, "Follow me, I've got to show you something!" which translated means, "Let's go for a walkabout!" and "I need to go to the store!" which means, "Let's go spend money on me!" She is also my motivator in the "Dancing with the Stars" workout. She loves the warm up moves and the music of the Samba. (We haven't passed the Samba yet, but I'm sure she'll love all the music as she is introduced to it.) She asks for a repeat of the warm up and dance over and over and by the third time, I'm pooped!!!

So this is a brief update and now the lovely siren call of the bedroom beckons. I think I can... I think I can... I think I can...