Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can There Possibly Be More?!?!? Uhm...YES!

Colbey is WAY too cool to look like he's enjoying the river cruise!
My two little goofs!

Born Free ... as free as the wind (something). Believe it or not, only one person in all of San Antonio that we encountered didn't like Ryleigh's squeaky shoes. I was yelling out Jennifer's website to ton's of people as they oohed and aahed over how adorable/precious/cute/where can I get some for ... (nephew,niece,grandchild,etc.) her shoes were. Just so you're aware,!

Walk softly and carry a BIG gun! Roosevelt would be proud of these two.

The Alamo was much smaller than I imagined. The funny thing was how big it seemed once you got inside. Talk about a visual illusion. It was WAY cool!!!

And Even More Pictures - San Antonio's Riverwalk

Scott and the kids in the center of the mall on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.
Ryleigh giving an unintentional peace sign while on a river cruise.

General gaiety at the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner.

More Pictures! It's Halloween

Ryleigh in costume. She was the pink devil for the Trunk or Treat at church, Scooby Doo for the Fall Festival in our community and the Blue Witch for Halloween night. None of the costumes lasted longer than one wearing! Candy drool is GROSS!!!
The video's were taken just this last week. She cracks me up!!! It gets cut off, but in the pink devil video, she says, "Yeah, I'm so pretty."
BTW - Her newest funny phrase is: That's gotta hurt!

HOLY COW - 2 in one week!!!

I know, it's amazing! I truly am posting a second blog in less than a week. So here is why it's such a red letter day ... I've finally uploaded pictures from my camera going all the way back to this summer. So really, this blog is just about eye candy. Enjoy!!

The first is of the bear we saw at mom's house this summer and the second is Scott in the same spot demonstrating that the bear was as big as he is.
The third is my FHE plaque that I had mentioned many blogs back. I still love it!
The fourth is of Ryleigh. She fell asleep on the chair curled up in the quilt from grandma (gorgeous!) and bunny ears, because you always feel good when you wear bunny ears!
The fifth is of Landon and Ryleigh in the firetruck at National Night Out last month.
More pics to come within just a few minutes!!!

PS - I just listed 12 items on Craig's list and as soon as I was finished, I checked my email and literally have four people wanting to buy 4 different items that I JUST posted. WOO HOO!