Monday, December 1, 2008

Pictures of Ryleigh's Birthday

Thanksgiving, Birthday's and Teeth

So we celebrated Ryleigh's birthday this past Saturday with her friends. The party was great and we had a blast with everyone here. We made a Ryleigh Birthday Mix CD and I personally think the mix is fantastic. If you'd like a copy, let me know.

1. Material Girl - Madonna
2. Yakko's Universe Animaniacs
3. Lullaby - Bond
4. Meadowlark - Sarah Brightman
5. Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Faith Hill
6. In My Arms - Plumb
7. Dear Jessie - Madonna
8. Happy Working Song - Amy Adams
9. The Love Cats - The Cure
10. Jump Jive 'n' Wail - Brian Setzer
11. Cartoon Heroes - Aqua
12. There She Goes - The La's
13. Park's Place - Royal Crown Revue
14. Dreams - The Cranberries
15. A Fairy Tale - Plumb
16. Happy Boys and Girls - Aqua
17. Hey Pachuco! - Royal Crown Revue

Thanksgiving was a quiet affair, but great nonetheless. The food was fantastic and the company superb. (It was just the 5 of us.) : ) Really, the turkey was the best I've ever had!!! It was a Cajun turkey, and I'm still oohing and aahing over the leftovers. We had a ton of food.

Ryleigh is thankful for turkey.

Landon is thankful for Jesus.

Colbey asked us to come back to him, but we forgot. I'm sure he's thankful for something!

Mommy is thankful for our home and warm beds and health.

Daddy is thankful for his job, the gospel and our health.

We finally got 5 chairs for the kitchen table this weekend. YEAH!!! Matching black IKEA chairs that took forever for me to save up to buy. Even at $19.99 a piece, I still had to spend a good portion of this year saving to get them. Each time I'd get close to buying them, something would come up that I would need to use the money for instead. But I have them now.

Also, Landon lost his second tooth. Apparently, the tooth fairy doesn't make visits on Sunday, so I'll let you know what he gets after the morning. The note is in with his tooth asking her for a computer, and if she doesn't have that, then Pokemon cards. : )