Sunday, November 23, 2008

For All My Twilight Sisters

Scott and I went to see The Movie Friday night. It is going to become a cult classic and this is why...

It was beyond terrible. It was hold-my-breath-so-as-to-not-laugh-out-loud-and-annoy-all-the-little-teeny-boppers-who-were-screaming-in-delight bad! The acting was comically bad, the directing reminded me of a high school production by a student director. But here's the catch, the books are so long and fabulous, I don't think there is ANY way the movie could have come close, so the next best thing might be to be over the top bad. At any rate, the best part is when Bella comes into the kitchen to tell Charlie that she has a date with Edward and he wants to officially meet him. Charlie looks at Bella as he's cleaning his rifle, snaps the gun into ready position and says to bring him in. The worst part is when the Cullen's in the baseball field all lean forward to protect Bella from the bad vampires.

Carlyle looks younger than Edward and plays baseball with a 6 foot long scarf around his neck.

Rosalie is either on the chubby side or is just filmed unflatteringly.

Jasper looks like Edward Scissorhands.

There's just so much bad, it's hard to narrow it down. I can say, although we paid more than our favorite dollar movie theater, they were still discounted tickets and it was a good thing!!!

Not a movie we need to own. But good for a belly laugh!!! : )

Prosper Ward

So the split has taken place. We are now members of the brand spankin new Prosper Ward. YEAH!!!! And even better, we get to keep our bishop.

I love when we get to put together a brand new ward. This will be our second one since we moved here and it's always exciting!! Everyone gets new callings and it's a new beginning all around. I just love it!

We will start meeting in December in the new (the dedication is in Jan. 2009) Frisco West building at 1pm. SSSSOOOO GREAT!!!!

I'm just a little excited. : )

I did it!

We had Super Saturday with the RS yesterday. During it, the bishop spoke with us. (I adore our bishop!!!) He didn't speak at us, but interacted with us. He asked us what kept us up at night. My first thought was "what didn't?" But as I thought about it, I realized that truly, what kept me up at night was the fear of going to sleep because the morning would come so quickly and I would have to start all over again. You know, being everything to everyone. I spent the majority of the time listening to him and weeping. (I know, unbelievable that I listened and didn't talk!) : )

So, as a result of yesterday, I have decided to put my foot down and declutter my life by eliminating the unnecessary and taking care of what truly matters.

I resigned from the Advisory Committee just 10 minutes ago and I feel great! Thank you for all the kind words that you gave in response to my blog about wanting to resign. I love you all, and you were all right and I was blind to let other thoughts cloud my mind with doubt.

I'm free.