Saturday, February 14, 2009

And Life Goes On ...

It's been a while since my last entry and yet I find myself struggling to think of something of interest to write about. I have been busy. VERY busy, but busy in a way that most would find boring.

So I've been working on our year supply. Strangely, I am having a ball doing it.

I just ordered powdered eggs yesterday and the excitement I felt was ridiculous! My 11qt dutch oven came in the mail yesterday and my powdered cheese, butter and sour cream came the day before. The hand grain grinder is being shipped as well as ... (this just tickles my funny bone, and is a gift from mom) ... a portable toilet. Yes, you read that right.

I'm feeling a little less organized when it comes to a few other projects Scott and I are in the process of completing. Texas is a community property state and as such, it is imperative that we have a will (which we don't). So finding an affordable and state approved Last Will and Testament has become one of my searches. Why does Texas have to be so complicated?!?!?

We are also in the process of doing some serious editing of our possessions. During our last move, we had some friends helping us load up the moving truck and one of the comments was about how we had too much stuff. That is sooooo true!!! I look around the house and think about how much easier it would be to keep clean without all this superfluous stuff hanging around. So my closet has been purged this week and I will be posting a ton of stuff on ebay hopefully today.

We have two dining room sets and we only need one. We have two living room sets and we only need one. We have desks and beds and chairs and so much else that we just plain DON'T NEED! I have two piano's! Who has two pianos?!?!? That's crazy!!! Amazing how this "stuff" accumulates over time. I can't tell you how many bedding sets and blankets I have that have never even been taken out of the package. I find them for such good prices and think that I may use it someday and so buy them. Well, I've had enough!

So literally, I've been super busy ... but with what would only be considered boring, Boring, BORING activities. Hence the lack of updated posts.

But here's some fun news ... my sister found out she is having a boy (this is their first), my other one is happy living a double life in New York and I may have a temporary babysitting job starting in March and ending somewhere in the June through August months. Woohoo, more money to supplement my year supply fun! : )

I've just read another author that's lots of fun by the name of Gabriella Herkert. Her books are fun and fast in the mystery genre. Strangely, it's considered a "Cozy Mystery" which means limited language, no graphic love scenes so these can actually be on the book shelf even with kids in the house. I LOVE it!!! They were real fun to read.

I've also found the I'm-an-idiot-and-need-a-step-by-step-guide-to-year-supply-management book called Cookin' with Food Storage by Peggy Layton. I love this woman!!! The Lord put her on earth just for me and my supremely anal need to have everything set out in straight and orderly fashion. : )

And one last one. I've gotten the book by Joey Green called Amazing Kitchen Cures that is fabulous. I've been pouring over this for the last two days and find myself alternately amazed at what I have that can help in almost instance that grandma probably already knew but whose knowledge was never passed down to me and laughing at some of the trivia and historical information included about each topic. It's been a family-funny-insight-moment-provider for the last two days. We've all found something funny or interesting or even amazingly disgusting to tickle our brains in it.

Maybe something spectacular will happen soon and I'll have more to entertain you with instead of our boring busyness. Ta ta for now, as Tigger is prone to say. : )