Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I love Janette!

I love Janette for so many reason's. I thought I'd list just a few ...

1. I love her for our laughing at BIG shadows (this is going to sustain me for a really long time)

2. I love her for not making me feel like a freak even when I know I am

3. I love her for being willing to talk with me when even I get tired of hearing from me

4. I love her for her blog. I've never read anyone who writes just as she talks. I laugh every time

5. I love her because I feel like I can tell her anything and it's safe

I love Janette!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Free Car Friday, continued ...

So I've been asked multiple times about the turn out for "Free Car Fridays". Of course it fluctuates each week, but in general, there is probably around 200 applicants each week.

You know what is funny, even when we don't win (which we never have yet), you still feel like you've won! Everyone is happy and chatty and it feels just like a big, happy party. It's a good way to spend an evening.

Did I mention that the food (hot dogs, soda, last week Baskin Robbins was handing out ice-cream) and the music and people are FREE?

Bragging Rights ...

So I want to take just a moment and brag a little bit about one of my little bits.

Landon is in kindergarten. He doesn't get as much attention right now as his other siblings, mainly because Colbey is a teenager and we're dealing with all the angst that accompany that time of life, and Ryleigh is potty training.

Well, two weeks ago, he brought home his report card (which was stellar by the way) and a certificate informing us that he had made it on the Honor Roll. I was shocked!!! I remember sitting on the couch looking at him thinking, "Is this going to be my genius child?" I couldn't believe it and am SO proud of Landon.

Then to top it off, he brought his behavior chart home at the end of April with absolutely NO MARKS on it! He didn't have a single incident for the entire month and if you know Landon with all of his energy, that is not just a minor miracle, but a gargantuan miracle!

He is this weeks "Star Student" in his class.

GO LANDON!!! My little miracle worker!