Thursday, June 26, 2008


So I only have a few minutes to "ketchup" everyone on our lives. Colbey is at Scout camp for the first time this week. It's rained big time here so whenever the phone rings at some outlandish time, Scott and I both look at each other wondering if it's someone from the camp telling us to come pick him up as camp has been cancelled.

Landon has become a pro and antagonizing Ryleigh and visa versa. The boys never annoyed each other to the extent that the youngest two do.

Scott is working horrible hours! He pulled a 20 hour shift last week and ... worked the following day with only three hours sleep. He leaves in July for NJ for two different DR (disaster recovery). Hopefully he'll be able to have dinner with Shaundra while he's there. Wish it were me! : )

I've spent the last 3 days trying to figure out where the hideous smell in the kitchen is coming from. Found it last night. Landon had placed a cup of chocolate milk behind on of my cook books and it had rotted and congealed into a solid mass. P-U!!! I'm still missing my curtains for the kitchen which I should have sewn weeks ago and never got around to. And two days ago, when I went to mop my kitchen floor, found that the mop had become so deteriorated that I had to get down on my hands and knees to hand wash it. It took more time and effort than going to Walmart and buying a new mop. But who has money for a new mop with gas prices so high?!?!?!

We leave Sunday for CO and will spend two glorious weeks away from this muggy, hot state. My laundry is nearly completed and just needs folding, Mom I'm waiting for you to show up to fold. My kitchen look fantastic and the family rooms will only take an hour to get beautiful. My bedroom was looking pretty good until Scott decided to start a mass project in there so now it only looks so-so. (He better have it all tidy before we leave because I'm no fun if I come home from vacation to a messy house.) I'm hoping to do a thorough cleaning out of the kids bedrooms on Saturday and make one large donation run to GW. (One big trip means less money spent on gas.)

Scott and Holly and Ryan are coming to dinner on Saturday which will ensure that the house is in tip top shape for the trip. Thanks for being my motivator, guys!!!

Will blog more when I have time.

PS - I came in second place for the gyms "Biggest Loser" contest. I don't win anything, but it never was about winning for me, just feeling better about myself.