Thursday, April 4, 2013

One Of Those Mornings

I woke up this morning and could hear the pitter patter of raindrops gently grazing the bedroom window. I was up before anyone else, including the sun. I quietly went into the bathroom to soak in the silence of a warm bath before the day started.

Scott got up before I was done and by the time I was lounging on the bed again, I had a spectacular view of the changing sky. My window glowed with a deep cerulean. As amazing as the color, it was the glow that was captivating. It changed from the deep blue to a light blue and then finally to a whited-out blue of an overcast sky. Changing the colors of the grass and brick wall to seem unreal in depth and clarity. All the while glowing through my 24 panes.

Warm, comforting smells came from the kitchen. Scott made sausage and cheesy eggs for breakfast then wrapped it up in a warm tortilla topped with salsa. It was a breakfast that brought memories of home and comfort and peace in the tangy, soothing bites. A breakfast that wasn't asked for or wheedled but done in independent love for the family.

Voices were muted and sweet conversation could be heard from each of my four beloved throughout the house. All were in communion together in jokes and business. There was no rush and each helped out. Periodically I would ask a question of the kids about school preparation, and all would answer it had been taken care of.

As I lay there, unable to help while I continue to let my foot heal, I wrapped myself up in the blanket tight and whispered to myself, "Remember this."

Remember the sweetness of each little drop of this morning memory. Remember and look at it again and again. Remember that for one brief moment, the world was turned away and we resided in a blissful unit, filled with warm love and humor.

Remember that as beautiful as the glow from my window and all the otherworldly looking colors it provided, it paled in comparison to the magnificence of our family.

This has been one of those mornings. A morning that feels like God is wrapping you up in His arms and cradling you in peace and security. Giving you respite from the world and strength to go on.

It has been a blissful morning.

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AnoelleB said...

Also? There are homes for sale IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD that we are currently eyeballing. Just sayin'.