Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hair Horror

So this began a week and a half ago. I had decided to change my hair color to closer to the original color. I just HATE dealing with the roots being so much lighter than the color I've been using for so long! So I went to the store and bought a color very close to the color that Colbey and Ryleigh have thinking this is probably close to my color now.

Now, I have a girlfriend who is a hair genius and of course I consulted her before I began. Thankfully, she let me know that I couldn't go from such a dark color to a medium color straight away. And also, because there was so much red in my hair, I would need to choose an "ash" color to compensate so the red wouldn't turn orange.

If only that were the worst that could have happened.

So I started with Chocolate Carmel hair a week and a half ago. I used a light ash brown to tone down the red. I knew it was probably not a smart idea to color again right away so I waited until we came home from our vacation.

Sunday, I woke up earlier than normal and realized I had 3 hours before I needed to leave for church and as I was looking at my hair in the mirror, I decided that it was just plain too dark to ever get to the color I wanted without having to lighten it first, so without speaking to anyone who would know better, I dug through my bathroom closet and found a box of highlights and went to work "lightening" my hair.

As I was waiting for the time to finish before I could rinse out my hair, Scott woke up and asked me if it wouldn't have been better to wait until after church to do this. I just laughed and said, "It's just hair. How much could go wrong?"

Let me tell you how much could go wrong! I rinsed out my hair and sure enough I had lightened it. I went from a VERY dark brown, to glowing yellow. NOT blonde, but GLOWING YELLOW.

Holy cow!!!! What do I do. I can't miss church because the choir is singing, and I'm playing for both special musical numbers and the organ for Sacrament Meeting.

So I do the only thing possible, I grabbed a hat from a costume I had used for a murder mystery night several years ago when I played a flapper. The black velvet hat came down securely over my entire head and covered the glowing part of my hair which left only the darker hair further down from my scalp showing.

I got lots of compliments on my hat, which I do love, and no one seemed to think anything was too out of the ordinary which is strange because I've NEVER worn a hat to church before. In fact, I can only recall a handful of times when I've worn a hat AT ALL!

So I lived with the glow for three days which I felt was enough time before I could color my hair again. (Shaundra, I'm sure I did this solely for your benefit!) So yesterday, I colored my hair AGAIN with a blonde ash color. It toned down the glow and instead of being a yellow, I was definitely a blonde now.

Why couldn't I be happy with it then?!?!?!? Why am I sooooo impatient?!?!?!??

This whole process was taking too long and I had at least two more steps to get to the color I really wanted and so instead of waiting another three days to color my hair again, I recolored my hair this morning to try and reduce the red again.

I've done stupid things in the past with my hair such as ... burning off the entire front of my hair using someone elses curling iron in Peru without a voltage adjuster, burning clumps of hair with a bad perm, etc. But NOTHING compares to this horror!!! I should have waited!

When you do something this bad, the only reaction that comes is a strange mixture of hysterical laughter and massive weeping AT THE SAME TIME!

My hair has been tortured more than it can handle and has given up. It's falling out in handfuls and I'm not sure how much will remain. I'm going (temporarily, I hope) bald. There's not much left on my head, and my head is not a beautiful round head you see on the movie stars that play bald women. It's got lumps and dips and strangely shaped patches of hair that haven't fallen out yet, not to mention the red irritated marks from over processing.
So this will be the ONLY picture I will post and will be wearing my hat ALOT until my hair grows in again.

On the sunny side, it will come in my natural color and I will NEVER color my hair again!!!

PS - Please don't call to comfort me, April Fools! All of the above story was true until the last coloring today. I know better and am waiting another week to do the next coloring. :)


Brooke said...

Love it. You crack me up. Seriously the best story I have read in awhile :)

I was wondering if it (your hat) was part of an easter ensemble.

Liz said...

Once you started talking about your hair falling out I knew it wasn't real, but I am glad to hear the rest is real cause it was way to funny. POST PICS PLEASE!

AnoelleB said...

Got me hook, line, and sinker. Had my hands on my face in horror and everything! GOOD ONE!


scrumdiddillyumptious said...

so i think you should have taken some pics of the glowing yellow so that we can all learn from your mistake and not make it ourselves...

scrumdiddillyumptious said...

so i think you should have taken some pics of the glowing yellow so that we can all learn from your mistake and not make it ourselves...

Jo said...

Only one of the many reasons we love Chrystlee! :-)

JEM said...

Holy cow it's been forever since I checked your blog. Fun adventures! Glad you're not bald. :)